"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Crony Capitalists, Productive People, and Income Taxes

Crony capitalists, productive people, and income taxes

The most creative and productive people tend to have the highest incomes — unless they’re crony capitalists, which means they’re basically using the Government to steal from everybody else as the Congressmen Congresswomen, Government Politicians are doing, and the Banks did in the Real Estate Bubble Crash in 2008, with your tax-paying stimulus packages in the TOO BIG TO FAIL Criminal Ponzi Scheme where the Government robbed you Taxpayers (ONE WORD) Blind and gave your money to the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS.

At that time all your real estate property was paid in full although you did not realize it and the Banks holding your Mortgages failed to inform you of this pay-off fact.

This is when this man stopped voting for Corporation Officials, Paying Income Taxes and became a sovereign born native Kentuckian Nationality foreign to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC.

Productive people shouldn’t be penalized for supplying more goods and services to your neighbors—to the market. The money you give to the government in taxes would have otherwise been used to create more wealth for the whole world as it was in this wonderful free County before 1913 when you owned the land and the house in allodial title from the Government thru land patents.

You can again retain the Allodial Title of your land with a certain step by step e-booklet at https://www.Cancel1Mortgage.info.
When even fiat money that you perceive as Lawful Money is taken from you by taxes it’s mostly squandered on unproductive Domestic Government Welfare and Foreign Warfare. Think about it..

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