"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Is the National Debt Owed to Ourselves

Is the national debt owed to ourselves

Yet another misguided, yet popular, saying is that we shouldn’t worry about the Government National Debt because “we owe it to ourselves.”

It’s another glib, gigantic, lie. “We” don’t owe it to ourselves. Some people owe it to some other people. If it’s not paid back somebody is going to walk away disappointed.

In fact, most of the debt is owed to non-Americans. Directly, in the form of the National Debt. And indirectly, in the form of US dollars outside the US. For many years the major export of the U.S. hasn’t been Boeings, or IBMs, or wheat. It’s been US dollars. We run a trade deficit of about $800 billion every year. In exchange, foreigners send us electronics, Mercedes, cocaine, and other real goods. This has artificially propped up the average American’s standard of living.

Those dollars circulate in other countries; the U.S. dollar is the de facto currency of 50 other countries around the world. At some point—since the US dollar is backed by nothing except your belief and credit — if confidence in the Government and Banks goes away, those foreigners are going to want to get rid of their dollars. They’ll necessarily come back to the U.S. where legal tender laws force Americans to accept them. Just like the legal tender laws force banks to accept the CAP Financial Security Instrument to pay off your bank debts if presented correctly.

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There are many trillions of dollars that are now abroad and are a liability. Someday they’re going to be traded for U.S. shares of stock, U.S. real estate, U.S. technology, and U.S. labor in the form of you, the human capital debt slaves.

Then you will lose your wealth and money and really be debt slaves at the bottom of the economic, monetary, and social pyramid the second time..

The first time was in 1933 when President Roosevelt stole all your gold and handed to the Federal Reserve your Real Estate Property wealth in the UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY..

Americans, who have grown accustomed to an artificially high standard of living for many years, are going to have a very real drop in your standard of living when those fiat dollars come home from foreign countries.

Your Government is sending dollars to the Chinese and other foreigners. The Government is also selling U.S. government debt to the Federal Reserve, which then credits the Government’s accounts at commercial banks with FRN fiat dollars while charging interest.

But that’s another story. It’s all a moving paper and numbers fantasy. It’s going to end badly and end soon. Mark my words..
It could easily destroy everybody’s savings. And that, in turn, could destroy the very basis of your society. Think about it..

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