"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Your Mortgage Presumed Loan was NEVER Accepted by the Trust Making the Investor Trust Taxable, Final Part 3.

Mortgage presumed loan never accepted by the trust making the investor trust taxable

And no Pretender Lender, Bank, Investor Trust, or Investment Holding company like M.E.R.S., Lender, Servicer, or Investor Trust pays one penny of their own money or Assets per Federal Banking Law or ever records the original mortgage lien contract in the County Real Estate Official records.

Only the Counterfeit, Forged, and Copy is recorded in County Records or M.E.R.S.!!

The County or Parish Official Recording Office only records counterfeit forged reduced alternate copies from the Investor Trust that they are given!! Every County recording laws state only the Originals or Court Certified Copies can be recorded in the Official real estate files. Do your own research.. DO NOT TAKE MY RESEARCHED FACTUAL WORD FOR ANYTHING!!

You can Compare your copy from the Escrow Closing Table copy against the ones filed if you did receive a copy at your closing, and you will see that your copies have bigger type fonts and the margins are half-inch to one inch while the recorded copies the margins are more than the one inch in smaller type fonts signifying them as counterfeits, alternatives, and forgeries..

Today, this is impossible because mortgages today are all Electronic closings that the Escrow Closing Companies and BANKS, Lenders, and Investor Trusts insist upon in order to cover up their FRAUD!!

This is FRAUD at the lowest level of County Government Recording, folks!! The Modern Mortgage and Promissory Note Escrow Notary Closing Agent have all this electronically for you to sign electronically as to not give you a true copy of your property in order to hide the paper trail of positive evidence to cover up their FRAUD and misrepresented intentions just in case you pay off their presumed loan early..

The funding of the Bank Loan money into your DEBT was generated and created by YOU with YOUR, the borrower’s, contracted signature from your Trust Estate pursuant to the official Modern Money Mechanics Bank of Chicago BANK publication when the Lender EXCHANGED their FRN DEBT for your money funding blue inked Signature and your sweat equity; thus, making you work hard and needlessly to pay them back for a non-existent loan. Black Law Dictionary states a “Loan is Money Lent”.. Where did the Bank or Lender get the money to loan you??

If you do not sign the bank one-sided unilateral mortgage or credit Agreement Application offering, there is no debt!! There is NO MONEY CREATED!! Again, the official Modern Money Mechanics Bank of Chicago BANK publication states that you create the money and give yourself the loan, so WHERE is the Debt??

The fact the bank accepted your signature(s) on the mortgage unilateral One-Sided contracted Mortgage Lien and Promissory Note in exchange for the property is proof YOU, the borrower, owns the property free and clear and that they exchanged your funding signature for their worthless PRIVATE Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollars! Think about it..

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